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When to Remodel A Whole Home

Whole home remodels can be both exciting and overwhelming. Careful planning and considerations are imperative, and it is a process that will take months of preparation and coordination. However, despite the investment of time, energy, and money, a whole home remodel can be undoubtedly worthwhile.

A whole home remodel might right for you if:

You Have Recently Experienced A Lifestyle Change

Sports injuries, workplace accidents, or just feeling the rub of getting older? As the average home was not designed to accommodate such instances.  Steep staircases, narrow hallways and doors, and small bathrooms with slippery bathtubs found in many homes can be hazardous features.  If you desire to stay in your current home, work with a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) design/build remodeling firm, such as VanderBeken Remodel, to implement a universal design throughout your home.


There may be many things you can and should do to make your home a safer place to life.  Options such as (but not limited to) constructing attractive ramps, removing that old bathtub to install a curb-less shower, installing better lighting, and replacing carpet with luxury vinyl plan flooring.

You Dream of More Space

Maybe you love everything about your home – but you just do not have room to grow! Converting and/or reorganizing existing space and adding to the existing footprint of you home can make a world of difference. Working with an experienced design/build remodeling firm, like VanderBeken Remodel, will ensure that your home remodel is completed safely, with the proper permits, and in a way that honors the original style of your house.

You Plan To Sell Your Home

Whether your home has some cosmetic issues or major fixes that need attention, a whole home remodel (or refresh) can help you increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell. You would be surprised what a dramatic impact new flooring, millwork and paint can do to transform a home from old and dark, to new and bright. A cohesive design that will appeal to future buyers can be a part of a master plan to both recoup the costs of renovation through a higher asking price and you get to enjoy the upgrades in the meantime.

You Want to Return Your Home to its Original Charm

Older homes are filled with charm and history, but they can also be a source of ongoing headache. Like an onion with many layers, the historic home can  have layer upon layer of needed upgrades necessary to make the home enjoyable to live in.  We often remodel old homes that have: cracking foundation, no HVAC, lack of insultation, lead pipes, asbestos flooring, and outdated electrical.  Maybe past owners throughout your home’s lifetime have renovated different sections and therefore the home lacks continuity. When you invest in a whole home remodel you can return your home to its original charm all while making it a perfect fit for your needs today.

Do Any of These Scenarios Resonate With You?

If so, we’d love to help! With 30+ years experience in the building profession, VanderBeken Remodel has the tools and expertise to provide you with the remodeled home of your dreams. Click here to reach out to us today to get the process started.

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