All Stone Guard – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is sealing grout lines & natural stone an important way to protect my investment?
    • Stone is actually a very porous material and it doesn’t take much to cause staining. Red wine & olive oil are just two of the many culprits. In order to best protect the investment of fine stone in your home or business you should seal it and then simply enjoy it.

  2. How does All Stone Guard's sealant work?
    • Our sealant goes beneath the stone’s surface and bonds molecularly using nanotechnolology – in other words the sealant bonds under the surface making it impossible for stains to get into the stone and stick.

  3. How is All Stone Guard's product line different than those I could find at Home Depot?
    • The sealant products found at DIY stores are made to be reapplied every six to twelve months. All Stone Guard seals your kitchen counters and guarantees it with a 15 year written warranty against staining.

  4. How do I qualify for a written warranty and what does it include?
    • In order to receive the written warranty, the sealant products must be applied by an accredited applicator. All Stone Guard is accredited, holds a current license, and has been sealing since 2007. Once sealed by All Stone Guard the written warranty guarantees that if the sealed surface is maintained properly yet fails the surface will be re-sealed at no cost to the property owner.

  5. Once my hard surface is sealed how long before I can use them?
    • Ideally it is best to wait 24 hours before using liquids on your newly sealed natural stone.

  6. Is the product lines All Stone Guard uses environmentally responsible?
    • Thankfully the answer is yes. There are three ways our product line is both a good way to take care of you natural stone and the environment. The first being that the solvent carrier is a renewable and biologically responsible bio-liquid. Second, because our products are semi-permanent the procedure does not need to be redone and, maybe more importantly, because sealing your surfaces makes them easy to clean reducing the need for harsh chemicals in most cleaning liquids.

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