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vanderBeken Remodel works with All Stone Guard to seal natural stone including granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and sandstone. In addition we seal grout, stamped concrete, pavers, & brick.

These surfaces make homes & businesses around the world beautiful spaces to live & work.

Contact us today to learn how you can permanently protect the investment of your natural stone.


Seal Natural Stone, Concrete, Pavers, Grout, and More

Natural stones are porous and are prone to attracting stains & damage. All Stone Guard seals natural stone & engineered stone, both inside & outside your home or business. For more information see FAQs regarding how vanderBeken Remodel and All Stone Guard can help you protect your investment of natural stone.

Pictured – Port of Skagit Marina, La Conner, Washington, sealed by All Stone Guard in 2010.

Pictured – Port of Skagit Marina, La Conner, Washington, sealed by All Stone Guard in 2010.

Common Stains from Food, Beverages, and Oils

No doubt you want to enjoy time with family & friends. Sealing your natural stone is a great way to relax and spend time with those special people instead of thinking about what might be left over on your countertops or patio. After sealing with All Stone Guard you can be sure to entertain worry-free & relish fuss-free clean-up & maintenance.


Both in larger to mid-size cities & in suburban areas graffiti continues to be an issue for most business owners & municipalities. All Stone Guard has a solution for graffiti. Seal stone surfaces, including concrete & brick masonry, making any sort of tagging unable to fully penetrate the surface. Studies show that individuals wishing to deface private property will not continue if they know that the tagging will be removed quickly. Call All Stone Guard today for a consultation & more information. It would be our pleasure to work with you in protecting your business.

Salt Efflorescence

Have you ever seen the white chalky looking areas on brick or concrete walls or floors? This is water drawing the salts (efflorescence) in the stone to the surface. You can eliminate the efflorescence by treating the concrete or brick therefore maintaining the look & the integrity of your building, walkways, & stone & brick walls.


The integrity of a building, bridge, or any other stone structure can be compromised by weather, including sun, rain, snow & ice. Sealing provides premium protection from common environmental threats such as water damage, freeze-thaw cracking & spalling. Our impregnating sealer is like no other. Using nanotechnology water, salt, dirt & other damaging materials cannot wear away at the surface of the stone resulting in a longer, more sustainable structure.

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