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As one of the coolest small towns in America, life in Snohomish takes advantage of the slower pace than the hustle and bustle of Seattle. Whether you have a 100 year old home near downtown, a ranch home built in the 1950’s, or something new, we can help you turn it into your ideal home.

Home Additions

Expanding the footprint of your home is the sure way to give your family the space they need for any situation. Working remotely from home makes a home office a great addition to eliminate your commute and save precious bedroom space while increasing your productivity with a designated work area. Creating a distraction-free zone is easier than ever with modern building materials. Learn more about vanderBeken becoming your New Home Addition Contractor here.

Kitchen Remodel

Many old homes have kitchens with poor layouts, resulting in limited prep area on the counters as well as small appliances that can’t handle modern recipes (especially Thanksgiving turkeys!). A kitchen remodel can improve the looks, appliances, and functionality regardless of how old your home is. Learn more about vanderBeken becoming your New Kitchen Remodeling Contractor here.

Bathroom Remodel

Many bathrooms in Snohomish feel like they were an afterthought when they were originally built. Poor storage, ugly fixtures, and bad layouts make them a great place in your home to get the biggest benefit from a remodel.

Adding little comforts during a remodel is very easy with all the advances in technology. Whether you want heated floors for those cold days or towel warmers to avoid a cold damp towel after your shower, they are easy to add during a bathroom remodel. Learn more about vanderBeken becoming your New Bathroom Remodeling Contractor here.

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