Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long has vanderBeken Remodel & Repair been in business?
    • After more than a decade of experience working as a project manager and superintendent, and a laborer before that, Ron began vanderBeken Remodel in 2007. Originally the company was known as AAI Building Services and was a sole proprietorship. As the company grew an LLC was formed and then in 2010, in an effort to specify what the business focused on, the name was switched to vanderBeken Remodel & Repair LLC.

  2. How can I be assured that vanderBeken Remodel is licensed, bonded, and insured?
    • As a homeowner you never want to hire anyone to complete work in or around your home unless they are properly insured. It is just too big of a risk to take, no matter how much money you think you will be saving. Be sure to look up any and all contractors you are anticipating hiring with WA Labor & Industries ( You will be able to see vanderBeken Remodel’s L & I page when you search under Lic. #ALLSTSG891NQ.

  3. How does your remodel process work?
    • The remodel process can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect while working with vanderBeken Remodel.

      Step 1 – Initial phone conversation where the highlights of your project are discussed. Following the initial chat you can expect to receive an email including some additional information about vanderBeken Remodel and a couple of good consumer tools.

      Step 2 – Complimentary consultation to discuss your project – what you are looking to do, the feasibility, and framework of both scheduling and budget considerations.

      Step 3 – Establish the parameters for a Design Agreement, with a design/proposal fee, that will result in a determined Scope of Work and established with drawings, specs, and client selections.

      Step 4 – Select Specialty Contractors will view the site, as necessary and by appointment

      Step 5 – Presentation of preliminary scope of work and pricing of project to assure that the project is within budget and desired scope.

      Step 6 – Any necessary adjustments to meet design requirements.

      Step 7 – Presentation of Project Proposal including a detailed Scope of Work with a firm, fixed Investment Price*, estimated schedule, and approximate start and completion dates

      Step 8 – Production begins with daily logs and photos showing the progress of the project accessible through the client portal and on-site weekly meetings with the project’s Project Manager

      *Excluding any unforeseen factors already existing in the structure.

  4. What type and how many references can you provide?
    • We would be happy to provide you with a referral list of past and current clients. At this time, it contains over fifty clients who have agreed to be contacted by a vanderBeken Remodel potential client (YOU!) Some of the jobs completed were small repair jobs while others were large remodel jobs. Whether or not they were on a large or small scale, the majority of the families on our list are return clients.

  5. Do have any helpful tips to help me in planning my project?
    • The best thing to do when planning a remodel or renovation is to sit down and list out what the space will be used for and the finishes you would love to have.

      In addition, putting together an Ideabook on Houzz is a wonderful way that we can collaborate, share, and see spaces that resonate with you and have features you are interested in.

      Once you have come up with your “dream list” establish the items that mean the most to you and those things you would be willing to work around.

      Feel free to visit our Pinterest account at for ideas and inspiration.

      This just scratches the surface so be sure to call us if you are serious about beginning this exciting process – (425) 870-8123

  6. Why are you not accredited with the BBB?
    • For a time we were accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and of course you can go here to see our business listing. We have opted not to pay the fee in order to be accredited and instead save that portion of overhead. Instead we rely on actual clients to communicate their trust and satisfaction in our work.

      There are other sites that consumers can look at in order to read reviews. Keep in mind that there are two sides to every story and while the reviews may help give a snapshot into the practices of a business nothing compares to a personal reference.

  7. Do the owners of you company conduct daily inspections on each job?
    • Yes! Daily inspections indicate the progress of a job and reflect a great deal on overall quality control. Not only are the projects supervised by our project managers but vanderBeken Remodel clients have a portal in which they are able to see the daily logs and photos of their project.

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