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The city of Edmonds rests along a shoreline and the hillside beyond about 15 miles north of Seattle.  Native Americans of the Snohomish people occupied coastal and river areas surrounding the site, and Euro-American explorers encountered their canoes, but they apparently had no permanent village sites in the immediate locale. Its founding father was George Brackett (1842-1927) (arrived 1876) and in its early decades Edmonds thrived as a mill town.

During the late twentieth century the city became increasingly urban, while retaining elements of its small town character.  New housing developments — and there were many — often forsook the town’s original street grid pattern in favor of roads winding along hillsides.  Well-designed homes with nicely landscaped gardens took advantage of water and mountain views.  Directly east of the downtown bowl, for instance, Emerald Hills emerged on a sometimes steep hillside where fields and stands of trees had long stood.  Such other new developments as Talbot Park occupied logged-over slopes above Puget Sound to the north.

The arrival of many new residents created a community that was essentially suburban, and Edmonds largely moved more within the orbit of Seattle and King County than within that of Everett and Snohomish County.  The cultural atmosphere expanded and flourished.  In 1957 club leaders established the Edmonds Arts Festival which grew over the years to be one of the largest and most highly regarded such events in the state.  The first of several local theater outfits was the Driftwood Players which also started in 1957; it later moved to the distinctive Wade James Theater named for the local architect who designed it. The Cascade Symphony Orchestra started in 1962, a regionally lauded orchestra led for several decades by its founder, Robert Anderson (b. 1918), and in the twenty-first century by Seattle Symphony violinist Michael Miropolsky.  In 1972 the Dorothy Fisher Concert Dancers was established; acquired in 1981 by John (d. 2003) and Helen Wilkins, it became the Olympic Ballet Theater and continued to enhance the local cultural scene.  In 2006, the 1930s art-deco high-school auditorium was renovated to become the Edmonds Center for the Arts, a first-class venue for arts and entertainment even as the adjacent original high school building was demolished.

By 2017, the US Census Bureau estimated that 42,209 people call Edmonds their home.  And what a beautiful place to call home.

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