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Top 8 Kitchen Design Trends in Snohomish County for 2021

The Top 8 Kitchen Design  Trends in Snohomish County for 2021

Kitchen trends typically stay around for several years, since an idea takes time to trickle down from designers, through social media, and into stores. But this past year has been different in every way, giving rise to some fast-moving kitchen trends. Kitchens are all about togetherness, warmth, and color in 2021. Here are 8 of our favorite Snohomish County kitchen trends for 2021:

Fewer Open-Plan Layout

Houzz surveyed more than 2,000 homeowners for their 2021 Kitchen Trends Study, and found some surprising changes. Among homeowners planning to renovate, opening up the kitchen dropped from 53 percent in 2019 to 43 percent in 2021. An open plan does give the family more together time and it’s more fun when entertaining. But working from home, homeschooling, and having everyone on top of each other 24/7 is a different dynamic. A little separation promotes a quieter environment and a feeling of semi-privacy. That doesn’t mean we’ll go back to mid-century, walled-off kitchen plans; but we’re seeing the return of partial privacy walls, pass-through openings or interior windows that let you keep an eye on the kids while they focus on their work.

Access to the Outdoors

2019 Snohomish Remodel by VanderBeken Remodel

For most families, what little socializing they did in 2020 took place outside. Instead of hanging out in the kitchen over coffee or wine, the porch or patio has become the ideal spot for a short, socially-distanced visit. According to Houzz, 20 percent of homeowners plan to open up their kitchen to a patio or deck, or increase access to the backyard. This trend is perfect for Snohomish County’s outdoorsy residents!

An Insta-Worthy Pantry

Elfa Pantry Shelving System, The Container Store

Keeping a fully-stocked pantry is an age-old habit that’s back, and better than ever. A month’s worth of groceries and paper goods is a lot! Without a dedicated pantry, items can end up stuck into every available nook and cranny.  Staying at home, with overstuffed closets and time on our hands meant a new trend was inevitable – the super organized pantry. Uniform containers with attractive labels help to calm the clutter, and let you quickly check on what to order.

Homeowners without a separate pantry are converting closets, armoires, and even under-stairs storage into enviable pantries. Attractive shelving, storage jars, canisters and baskets help to turn them into beautifully-styled features of the home. Pinterest has been chock-full of pantry makeovers and organizing tips, and it’s a trend that’s sure to continue in 2021.


More Cabinets

Open shelving may look fresh and modern (and it’s fun to style those shelves) but after 2020’s cooking and baking obsession, folks remembered that working kitchens need plenty of cabinets. In 2020, almost one-third of kitchen renovations added more cabinets; that’s more than four times those who added cabinets in 2019, according to Houzz. Not only do families need storage, they’re adding gadgets like air fryers, stand mixers, and specialty pots and pans. Add an extra run of lower cabinets, or even a buffet, to serve as a coffee bar, baking area, or even a craft center. Spreading everyone out helps to reduce traffic jams in a busy kitchen.

Ultra-minimalist kitchens may be inspiring, but we suspect they belong to people who get their coffee at the cafe and order in for dinner. If you’re really into cooking, you need the gear, the spices, and the wines, and that requires storage space.

Professional Appliances & Durability

Staying in and cooking has made the kitchen our new favorite restaurant. Newly-minted chefs are seeking out appliances with professional-level features. Gas ranges with built-in grills and refrigerators with adjustable zoning add increased functionality. High-end appliances like built-in coffee machines and French-door ovens help to maximize the use of space.

MotionSense Touchless Faucet, Moen

Since washing our hands is even more essential than ever, smart faucets will help us keep germs under control with touches operation. The smartest designs can even measure and dispense water, saving time while cooking.

Durable materials are key for 2021 and beyond, as we design kitchens that stand up well to heavy use. Luxury vinyl tile floors can provide the warmth of wood with the performance of commercial flooring. Quartz countertops are now available in patterns that mimic marble, for a classic look with superior stain-resistance. Low-maintenance and long-lasting are high on the kitchen wish list.

Decorative Detail and Custom Finishes

After years of modern, minimalist cabinetry, traditional details are making a small comeback. Cabinet details like inset doors, exposed hinges and molding are popular again. We don’t expect a repeat of the ornately carved kitchens of the 90s, but kitchens are following larger trends towards warmer, cozier interiors. Natural wood tones on a feature wall or a section of cabinets are a stylish way to add texture and warmth to a traditional all-white kitchen.

Expanded finish options for plumbing fixtures, lighting and appliances are another growing trend. Matte black lighting mixes easily with other metals. Companies like Brizo offer Luxe Steel, Brushed Nickel, Cocoa Bronze and Polished Gold alongside matte white and matte black. Customers can select their own combinations to create a kitchen with bespoke style.

Colorful Kitchens with Contrast

Book a Call with VanderBeken RemodelColor trends tend to follow the moods of history, which is why during stressful times people gravitate towards serene, uplifting tones from nature. Green has been trending in kitchens for several years, but the dark and moody greens of the recent past are giving way to cheerful kelly green, sunny apple green and soothing mint. Dark blues and grays are giving way to brighter denim blues and warmer, oatmeal-gray tones, while yellow is starting to brighten up gray kitchens as an accent.

In an open-plan kitchen, the island is an opportunity to make a style statement. According to the Houzz survey 41 percent of kitchen remodels last year used a contrasting color for the island; but the popular colors were dark blue and gray. In 2021, we’ll see kitchen islands in a brighter color palette, incorporating textures like natural wood, fluted panels, and honed quartz tops.

Statement Kitchen Rugs

Camellia Jade Rug by Ruggable.com

Spending a lot of time standing wreaks havoc on your feet; but unattractive fatigue mats can spoil an otherwise pretty kitchen. Affordable, easy-care area rugs of synthetic fibers are the perfect way to add a pop of color and pattern. Rug designers are giving us an outstanding selection of stylish designs, so we expect the kitchen rug trend to continue well past 2021.

Planning a kitchen renovation this year? The Design/Build team at VanderBeken Remodel is on top of the trends. We take care of the details, so you can enjoy the process of designing your dream kitchen. Start by downloading our free Costs & Considerations Guide and get Snohomish County remodeling costs.


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