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Top 2020 Home Remodeling Design Trends in Snohomish County

2020 Home Remodeling Design Trends for Snohomish County

From cabinetry to clothes, trends come and go.  With the dawning of a new decade, 2020 will be no different.  While you might be delighted by what is coming, you might just as easily be displeased by what is gaining momentum in home remodeling for 2020.  Take heart!  Time will tell whether or not these “educated guesses” are here to stay.

Deep Rich Colors

Gray, in its various shades, has been a highly popular color over the last few years, and that’s about to change.  Dark warm color is coming back, with gusto.

Sue Wadden, the Director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams notes “The use of color in interior design is changing.  It’s not just about what a space looks like anymore, but how it makes you feel.  People want to feel grounded and inspired to pursue their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.”

Twenty years ago the Pantone Color Institute, an influencer across multiple industries (including fashion, home furnishings and graphic design) launched a Color of the Year campaign that still is going strong today.  Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 is a deep rich color called “Classic Blue”.  Not surprisingly all the major paint companies have jumped on board with this trend and announced their own colors.  At the top of the list are: Sherwin Williams deep celestial-sky blue called “Naval”, Benjamin Moore’s lush olive green called “Cushing Green”, and a dark navy blue aptly named ‘Blue Danube’.  Even Behr Paint has announced their color of the year as a mellow green called “Back to Nature”.

If it’s true that these various dark rich colors are trying to ground us, the next logical question might be why?  According to Gallup’s 2019 Global Emotions Report, negative emotions and experiences, such as stress, anger, worry, sadness and physical pain are prevalent around the world (55% of the U.S. participants in the survey reported a lot of stress, compared to the global average of 35%).  It’s no wonder then that color trends are looking to provide some relief for that tension.  Psychologically speaking, green is thought to help balance emotions, promote clarity, and create an overall feeling of peace and wellbeing.  Blue on the other hand can help you feel safe and relaxed.  Just seeing the color blue causes the body to create chemicals that are calming.

Biophilic Design

A natural way color seems to be returning to the home is through biophilic design.  This design concept focuses on bringing the outdoors inside through plants, with the aim of reconnecting people to nature and thus help reducing their stress levels.  First seen in the workplace, this design concept is moving more and more into interior home design.  If this resonates with you, start small and incorporate live plants into your homes’ décor, or go big and create a living wall.  Either way, you will achieve healthy, environmental, and economic benefits that can provide much needed balance to technology-filled lives.

Marvelous Marble

A time-tested, durable material with natural beauty consider Michelangelo’s David, the Taj Mahal, the Lincoln Memorial, etc. marble is taking center stage for 2020 as the favored countertop material because of its striking beauty, durability and extreme heat resistance.  An added benefit is that it pairs stunningly with dark rich colors of navy blue and deep emerald green.  Marble, like most luxurious things, comes with a hefty price tag.  So, if marble falls outside your budget, consider the next runner up, quartz.  Many new styles of quartz look like marble but are not easily stained or scratched like marble can be.  Faux marbles (such as porcelains and man-made materials) can still achieve the look of marble without the time-consuming upkeep of polishing and resealing required each year to maintain it.

Double Islands

The military maxim “Two is one and one is none” may apply to the new double island trend.  Anyone who has a kitchen island knows how great they are serving as extra countertop space for food prep as well as a natural place to gather and entertain. With the popularity of open floor plans and larger rooms flowing into one another, we are seeing an increase in two island kitchen designs. In such an arrangement, one island is focused on food preparation and storage with a large sink, under-counter appliances, and large drawers, while the second island serves as a casual entertaining area with a bar sink, extra seating and optional wine storage.


Walnut cabinetry is growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why.  The dark color, natural warmth and durability place this wood at the top of the list for homeowners seeking a luxurious update to their current kitchen.  Open shelving continues to replace upper cabinetry in kitchens because of its multipurpose function.  Whether you are displaying art, décor or everyday dishes, it provides easy access with natural order.  Deep drawers are a must in a kitchen with less upper cabinetry so that storage space is maximized, and accessibility stays central.  Click here to find inspiration from one of our kitchen remodels that featured wood cabinetry and open shelving.

Hands-Free Convenience

To simplify and focus on the afore mentioned cabinetry, we are seeing a trend toward more and more hands-free functionality, namely through push-to-open technology.  Push latches are installed on the inside of the cabinet which allow you to simply press on the cabinet door to have it spring open. Such advances mean that its now easier than ever to get rid of handles altogether in both wall and base cabinets. If you prefer not to have push-open cupboards, then recessed or integrated handles provide the same sleek look.  Kick and go pedals are becoming all the rage for homeowners who want hands-free easy access to garbage and recycling bins.

Metallic Accents

Gleaming gold, and black chrome are in and the long-favored stainless, chrome and nickel selections are moving out.  From lights to chairs and even some sinks, metallics are coming back into main-stream America.  Adding luxury to any room, metallic accents pair especially well with the deep rich green and blue color of the year for 2020.  Keep in mind, this is NOT the brass and gold of the 1990’s, the gold of 2020 has a slimmer presence and serves as a complimentary accent in home design.


Classics from the Past

Some classics of long ago are coming back with new flair in 2020.  Up for the taking are all things velvet, tapestries and wallpaper.  Whether you are in the market for a new couch or head band, velvet with its inherent richness may be just the thing.  Tapestries are making a comeback because they serve as a perfect focal point for a room. Whether you select an antique landscape tapestry or a modern stardust tapestry, the effect is the same: bringing the outdoors in.  The odd duckling in this line up may be this last one: wallpaper.  David Harris, Design Director at Andrew Martin (A global authority in the world of interior design) explains: “Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone, from traditional florals to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns or animal motifs and architectural designs. The progress in new printing techniques and finishes is constantly pushing the boundaries, and the availability of new substrates makes it even more exciting. Gone are the days of just printing on paper, you can now embellish corks, grass-cloths and silks with pretty much any design. The usage is also bolder and braver. If you have the confidence, there are endless possibilities.”  New wallpaper lines of both modern and classic designs are exploding with rich hues like burnt orange and emerald green that look great mixed with, you guessed it, metallic accents and velvet soft furnishings.

If all of this discussion about design trends has you reimagining your own home, now is the perfect time for a remodel.  Click here to contact us and begin the journey to Reimagine. Remodel. Relove. your home.

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