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15 Easy Home Upgrades for March

By Katelin Hill of This Old House magazine.  

Start reviving your lawn, elevate potted plants, reseal exterior joints, wash away salt damage, and more to-dos to cross off your list.

1. Make Tax Time Easier

Pull receipts, interest statements, and other crucial docs now to avoid future stress.

2. Retire Storm Windows

Cover and label them so you know which goes where, and store them vertically.

3. Shovel Lingering Snow

Use a plastic shovel to clear any residual snow and ice from decks to prevent boards from becoming warped or split.

4. Wash Away Salt Damage

Passing cars can spray road salt onto plants, damaging roots and browning leaves. When the weather warms, hose off affected plants and soak the soil to dilute salt buildup.

5. Help Out Your Yard

Order seeds for microclover now, and spread them on the lawn once the soil is workable for a boost of green all summer.

6. Elevate Potted Plants

Place containers on stands to let air circulate below and reduce the chance of rot on wood decks and porches.

7. Reseal Exterior Joints

Look for small gaps around window and door trim, then remove any old caulk before filling with weather-resistant polyurethane sealant.

8. Replace Felt Furniture Pads

They protect your floors but break down over time. If any of your pads look worn, take time this month to replace them.

9. Inspect the Furnace

Remove the access panels and filter, clear out dust and debris with a vacuum attachment, then install a new filter.

10. Clean Dryer Vents

This is one spring-cleaning task that’s a safety essential, since the National Fire Protection Association reports that about 15,520 home fires per year are associated with clothes dryers. Detach the duct from the back of the dryer and use a long snake-type brush to remove flammable lint from the vent’s entire length.

11. Schedule Fireplace Checks

That goes for gas inserts, too. They don’t leave behind flammable creosote, but they can still deposit corrosive substances in your chimney.

12. Keep Kids Safe

National Poison Prevention Week (March 19–25) is a good reminder to be careful with household and garden chemicals, which can be fatal if ingested. To protect children in your home, take extra care to stow chemicals and items that come in easy-to-open bags, such as fertilizer, in a locked cabinet or shed. Always keep household cleaners in their original containers to avoid misidentification.

13. Make Stairs Safer

Add reflective tape to make steps in a garage or an unfinished basement easier to see.

14. Check for Roof Damage

Winter snow and ice storms can take a toll on your roof, so it’s a good idea to scope things out now. There’s no need to walk on the roof—it’s safer for you and better for your roofing to take a peek from your ladder. Look for buckling, curling, or blistering shingles and for wear around chimneys and pipes. If you spot something questionable, call in a pro.

15. Recalibrate the Oven

Use a stand-alone oven thermometer to check the temp, then reset the oven’s thermostat, following the manual’s instructions.

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