Daylight Savings Time Again – Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries Nov 1

Years ago our favorite real estate agent team  sent us a special package.

With a mix of surprise and bemusement we opened the package and found a pretty amazing gift.

It, in fact, turned out to be a couple of sets of batteries for the smoke detectors in our new home.

While reading the handwritten note that accompanied the package and looking at the calendar, low and behold, we found that it was indeed “Day Light Savings Time.”

Perhaps you don’t have the hardwired smoke detectors in your home and you have to remember each year to replace the batteries to keep your peace of mind. Note that each time “Day Light Savings” rolls around it is a perfect time to replace the batteries in each and every smoke detector in your home or place of business.

Keep those you love safe by replacing those batteries this month.

From our family to yours!

(Also, for a really great real estate team go to and meet Dustin Remington and Carmen Crispeno. You will be glad you did!)

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